Helping children find balance through the self-empowering practice of
yoga, mindfulness, and play.
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Now offering small group kids yoga and private family yoga sessions!

chart showing kids yoga vs yoga for adults. yoga for adults is individualistic, is pose after pose after pose, includes a long savasana/meditation, and is quiet. Yoga for kids includes games, singing, crafts, imaginative play, story time, animal sounds, and community building acivities. Both are cofidence building, mood boosting, physical & mental strengthening, and stress reducing

For adults, yoga typically provides a break from our fast-paced lives. Yoga has shown to provide many benefits including physical (strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health) and mental (stress management, self-awareness, focus, self-esteem) improvements. Why not start these practices at a younger age? Though the benefits are similar, a kids yoga class is much different from a yoga class for grown-ups. Yogi Cubs classes are sized small and highly personal. Our fast-paced classes incorporate several components in short spurts to keep young minds actively engaged. In a typical kids yoga class, we introduce ourselves with an ice-breaker, play yoga/ mindfulness games, work through a story time or themed yoga flow, and end with a guided relaxation. Our classes for 4-12 year old children include mindful crafting, gardening, or music activities. Every class includes mindfulness exercises to teach kids how to slow down, notice the present moment, and just observe the world around them and the world inside them.

What’s in a mindfulness & yoga class for kids?

-singing, dancing, and music making

-yoga/mindfulness games

-imaginative play sessions

-reading the greatest books

-growing a garden

-creating works of art

-exploring the world through sensory play

-and making lots and lots of animal sounds

boy on an orange kids yoga mat, doing yoga for kids, jumping up in the air for frog pose.

All of this fun is grounded in a curriculum that empowers our kids with skills to help them cope with the stresses of everyday life, develop healthy habits, practice empathy, and take some time out to JUST BE in the present moment. Learn more about our Yoga for Kids program through the buttons below.