Peek into one of our classes!

Our kids yoga classes are divided into four different age groups to ensure programs are customized to each child’s level of mental and physical development.

The Yogi Cubs curriculum is organized in monthly units that cover topics such as growth mindset development, emotional awareness, self-awareness/acceptance, and coping strategies for life’s everyday challenges. Drop-ins are welcome, and will be able to participate in all of our activities, but each lesson in a unit builds upon the previous lesson.

Private, family classes are also available in the Arlington/Mansfield/Grand Prairie area. The teen class will be added to the schedule if we get enough interest.

Free Trial Class & Bring a Friend Special

Your child can try their first in-studio kids yoga class for free! Just book a class through our scheduling system and select the “free try” class pass.

Also, those who FLOW together grow together…get a friend to sign up with you and you can both save 25% off your first monthly pass!

Kids Yoga

We are limiting enrollment for our in-studio classes to enable social distancing. As a result, we are unable to accept walk-ins at this time. All participants must register for class prior to arriving at the studio. We are offering our usual in-studio classes in a live streaming format for those who want to participate from home. Our yoga for kids classes for ages 4 and up consist of 40 minutes of yoga/mindfulness/breathing activities. The last 20 minutes of class is reserved for our mindful craft/garden/music activity. The live-streamed class only includes the first 40 minutes.

We are currently working extended breaks between classes to allow time for disinfection of the yoga room, craft room, and other frequently touched surfaces. Our sensory room, reading nook, and waiting area will remain closed at this time. Parents are expected to screen for any signs of illness before class and drop off & pick up their children at the front door. All visitors over the age of 10 are required to wear face masks. The instructors will be wearing face masks at all time. Those with in-studio passes can participate virtually if ill or recently exposed to someone who is ill.

picture of a fennec fox cub to represent the kids yoga classes for those 4 years old and under
Fennec Cubs: 4 and Under
kit fox cub representing the kids yoga class for 4 to 8 year olds
Kit Cubs: 4 -8 Year Olds
arctic fox cub representing the kids yoga classes for tweens/ kids 9 to 12 years old
Arctic Cubs: 9-12 Year Olds
red fox cub representing kids yoga classes for teens, aged  13 to 18 years old.
Red Cubs: 13+ (coming soon)

Online Kids Yoga

At Yogi Cubs we strongly believe that kids yoga works best in a face-to-face environment. However, we understand many can’t make it to the studio, or even to a live streamed class offered at a specific time. We are developing prerecorded kids yoga classes that mirror our in-studio classes. Not only do we provide videos of an interactive kids yoga flow, but we also address age-relevant challenges like, managing grumpiness and dealing with boredom. We provide coping strategies to empower kids and help them figure out how to conquer their own challenges.

Crafty Cubs - Parent's Time Off

Origami Fox family representing our crafty cubs workshops for kids of all ages.

Drop off the kids for a crafting session with projects for children, 4 years old and up. We'll provide lunch, and the 2.5 hour time-frame gives parents time to go out for a nice lunch, run errands, or even just get some much needed quiet time on the couch. 🙂
This offering is on hold due to COVID-19.

Family Flow

picture of mom and two daughters practicing some family yoga together. All in downward dog, with the youngest in front of the others.

Join us for a family yoga flow that incorporates partner/group poses to make the most of our family time! Group family flow classes are on hold due to COVID-19. We are offering private family sessions so families can still flow together during this period of social distancing. Book your family's private class from our schedule page - $40 for a single session or save with our 5-pack for $160.